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Love is a masterful example of how Quinn uses hands to communicate complex emotions through a lexicon of gestures and touch. The sculpture depicts the simple image of interlocked hands – an enduring symbol of trust, devotion and companionship.

Lorenzo Quinn | Halcyon Gallery
Biennale Venice Lorenzo Quinn

Stop Playing!


In Stop Playing!, a familiar childhood toy becomes a metaphor for planetary resources that are overstretched in human hands. The world is trapped in the hands of this capricious child, who plays with it without care for the consequences any games might cause.

Actions Speak Louder than Words


Actions Speak Louder than Words spells out the letters ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘V’, ‘E’ in perhaps Quinn’s most literal use of hands to convey meaning in his work. The sculpture is a playful message of positivity and love, encapsulating the notion that what we do in life is more important than what we say.

Lorenzo Quinn - Halcyon Gallery
Hands Lorenzo Quinn | Halcyon Gallery

Hand of God


A large arm reaches out theatrically to reveal a pensive, isolated figure in the palm of its hand. Hand of God is an expression of the relationship between the real and the transcendental, suggesting a state of spirituality and evoking the emotional support that can be found through faith.

I will Catch you if you Fall


A bodiless arm rises surreally from the base of the sculpture to save a helpless figure from her fall. I will Catch you if you Fall is a visual expression of the comfort and support found in close relationships, when all else seems lost.

Would You Catch Me If I Fall. Lorenzo Quinn. Credit Jasminka Hančić
Lorenzo Quinn - Halcyon Gallery

Love the World


Love the World encapsulates many of the values that are central to Quinn’s art, which often relates to both the individual and a wider global community simultaneously. The letter ‘O’ of the sculpture’s inscription, ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘V’, ‘E’, is formed of two hands coming together in Quinn’s recognisable symbol of the delicate balance between giving and receiving, a central theme of his work.

The Force of Nature II


With the planet dramatically suspended in orbit, The Force of Nature II explores the battle between the natural world and humankind for control of the earth. The image of a woman trying with all her strength to approach the world, which pulls away from her, also addresses the concerns that affect women in contemporary society.

Force of Nature II Lorenzo Quinn - Halcyon Gallery
Gravity by Lorenzo Quinn | Halcyon Gallery



The figures in Quinn’s Gravity work together in a display of mutual strength and trust. Their forms balance in delicate harmony within the geometric structure that supports them. As with much of the artist’s work, it celebrates the grounding and support of a close relationship.



Volare is an expression of unbridled freedom. The figure balanced within the circular structure spreads their arms as if simulating flight – an expression of happiness that emanates from the core of their body to the tips of their fingers.

'Volare' by Lorenzo Quinn | Halcyon Gallery
Empowerment by Lorenzo Quinn | Halcyon Gallery



Empowerment recognises and celebrates the work of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Since its inception over six decades ago, the Award has helped to improve the lives of millions of young people worldwide, empowering them with opportunities for self-development. The touchingly simple image of two young people, working together to support the world, is a fitting tribute to the values at the heart of the Award. Empowerment celebrates the work of its founder HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, all those who work and volunteer for the Award, the alumni and the current participants

The Four Loves


The Four Loves uses the inherent symbolism of different materials to suggest that love is a complex phenomenon that exists in various forms, from passionate love to the love we feel for our family and friends or, even, for our faith. Here, Quinn presents these different loves as the foundation stones on which the weight of the world is supported.

Lorenzo Quinn - Halcyon Gallery