andrea bocelli building bridges

Andrea Bocelli

“Building Bridges”

Nothing could be more authentic and more persuasive than the primary body instrument that God gave us, the hands, to restore the physicality of values and to trace their compelling symbolic narration.

“Building Bridges” is a tunnel to overcome, it is a bridge to unite, it is six pairs of hands joined in an ideal, powerful prayer …

In its own way it is a score (let’s not forget that the pentagram simulates the hand and its five fingers), or rather it is a metaphorical map of what must be considered as essential, in order to live worthily the gift of life. Hands that, as they are joining, at twenty meters high, between the sky and the ground (and the watery land of Venice), evoke and celebrate love, friendship, faith, wisdom, help, hope.

It is also due to this, because of the affinity in the way we both interpret the world and the hierarchy of values ​​that brings together my artistic path to that of Lorenzo Quinn – that I am particularly pleased to offer my voice on the occasion of the celebration of the baptism of this ambitious, simple yet profound exhibition installation.

He who sings, prays twice”… used to say Saint Augustine. It will be exciting, first of all for me, to know that a monumental work can macroscopically mimic the heart, the cornerstone of what I wish to convey through my singing.

To the artists, the bridge builders par excellence, the task of raising the spirit. And when the spirit elevates, it then helps us to immerse ourselves in a deeper dimension which – if we wish – can also be of a religious nature. I have been following Lorenzo Quinn’s creations with interest, I have appreciated his messages, creativity and the poetic and inspired relationship with the world around him. 

I find brilliant his choice of electing the hands to the artistic “protagonism” that they deserve: to me, too, as my children grew up in my hands, the strength of their mark, their energy, their ability to speak and express the inner human voice, is glaringly obvious. 

Andrea Bocelli

Building Bridges

Building Bridges lorenzo quinn andrea bocelli