Lorenzo Quinn

Building Bridges

In May 2019, during the 58th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, the monumental sculpture Building Bridges will be installed in a basin adjacent to the entrance of the Arsenale, in the Castello District of Venice. Building Bridges is composed of six pairs of monumental hands 15 metres high and 20 metres wide – individually titled ‘Help’, ‘Love’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Faith’, ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Hope’. The installation engages with the history of Venice as a meeting point of international history and culture.


The joining of hands symbolises our commonality, what we share and our ability to unite with an emphasis on bridging differences in all aspects of life – geographically, spiritually, philosophically, culturally and emotionally. The hands suggest a need for contact beyond self-interest, striving for human collaboration and unity. Quinn uses them to communicate complex emotions through a lexicon of gestures and touch, reflecting an ethos of connection and exchange through the language of art.


By using the Arsenale as a site for installation, the work also draws a connection to the city’s history as one of the greatest trading powers in Europe, the Western end of the Silk Road trade route and a huge naval authority. Its position today as a World Heritage City attracting tourists from all nations continues Venice’s history as a meeting point of culture, and aligns with Quinn’s message of world unity.

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Lorenzo Quinn has always spoken a universal language, wherever in the world his artwork is placed it creates an immediate impact, whether it be in Mumbai, Venice, New York or Shanghai. Building Bridges is his most ambitions project to date both in scale and thought and will send a unifying message of hope around the world.

President of Halcyon Gallery, Paul Green

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